The Long Hair Movement

The Long Hair Movement
For your eyes only: Derek Wood

The other day I was getting gas and the cashier who took my inflated dollars resulting in a spike in gas prices, said to me, ” Gee man, I almost didn’t recognize you with your long hair.” Usually I am clean shaving and my hair is usually groomed thanks to monthly haircuts.
At that time I just felt like growing my hair out but then I had a dream of cutting it off. Then it just came to me, what if I kept growing my hair out as a way of protest? You might be asking yourself out of wonderment, why doesn’t he just attach himself to a tree, or join the Occupy crowd?
I could do those two things but I’m more likely to start my own cause. I don’t have a fondness to chaining myself to a tree, or to take a beating from New York or Oakland’s finest. Besides, this is my thing I’m sharing to all so we can create our own means to protest.
You may have not heard all the tools and laws being passed with the effort of hushing our constitutional rights for “freedom of speech,” and the right to peacefully demonstrate. The other funny thing, I was engaged in a conversation with a few people, and their consensus was that protests equals violence. Of course some may end up that way but the idea of protesting isn’t done out of hate, but rather anger and disgust.
Let’s back pedal a little bit to why we need more creative ways of saying a lot without even having to open up your mouth. First off, a report was released by Alexander Higgins ( I refer to Alex a lot because he has a lot to offer that major networks don’t) about the House of Representatives passing the “Trespass Bill.” Another sovereignty tool being used against the people of this country and the right for Democracy. In case you haven’t heard about this, I suggest reading the article we shared on our website from a few days back, it’s a bill being pushed by the House and now trying to creepy crawl its way through Congress. Here’s some of the language, “The bill begins by making it illegal to enter or remain in any restricted building or grounds, which are defined as any location where the Secret Service or any person under protection of the secret service is located or at any place designated as a special event of national significance.”
Unless you want to be charged with a Federal offense, you better GPS where our leaders are at all times. But as noted in this article, it’s not just limited to property, it even prohibits the act of demonstration or protest near people like Rick Santorum or Mitt Romney because they use Secret Service.
But, if we get clever and clearly growing your hair out isn’t the most creative thing you can do but as noted before, this is one idea to protest the acts of war, violating our liberties, inflating our dollar, government spending, adding to the deficit, and much more.then we can counter any sort of imposing rule by creating attention without even having to gather in one place for a certain amount of time.
The NDAA, the aforementioned law being passed against protesting and freedom of speech, and other means enforced by technology that will be a threat to our so-called Democratic society need to be challenged.
The Japanese now have a tool or actually a gun that can stifle someone’s speech. I won’t go into details but here’s a link from our website that gives you a better understanding of how and what it does, .
If we find innovative ways to protest than this means we can do such an act without the government saying, “you can’t protest here.” Well I think I can grow my hair out.
If they think protests are annoying that’s one thing but protesting isn’t meant to threaten our leaders, but rather oppose their laws and rules. It’s needed. If they think by passing more egregious laws, that it will contain our urge and desire to protest, they are wrong. If anything, it could have a counter effect in regards to peacefully demonstrating. We need to wake up and smell the totalitarian brew.
If the U.S continues to overstep its boundaries and engage in more wars, then I continue to grow the hair. For every innocent man, woman, and child who dies in war, the hair grows. For every tax dollar that continues the efforts of national building, destroying another countries morale, and adds to our deficit, the hair grows. I ask you this, will you join me? Perhaps, this won’t be effective and it may not work but for now we are being shut down and one way or another and whether that’s growing the hair out as I am going to do, we need other forms to demonstrate our opposition to the way Government is being enforced. Let this be known, I am one hundred percent behind gathering together in one place to protest but when the machine imposes laws like those stated before, we need to let them know that we are still here and we will voice our disdain to policy, action, and rule.

  1. Having been a hippie, I’m always for growing long hair. However, I truly and honestly KNOW that we…the people…can NOT let this go down this way. To stop protesting/picketing IS the beginning of the end. Speak your mind, protest where ever you GD see needs to be picketed, and STAND UP.
    I’m sick of woosies who don’t want to take the heat. Take it. Do something—don’t let freedom be squished by feeble laws that criminals are creating to hide behind. I speak from experience on this, having stood up for 11 years against a rather large CULT I was trapped in: Scientology. If you don’t think they’re much, use Google to learn their dark side. As someone tole me yesterday who is just leaving: “Tory, this organization makes the mafia look like pansies”. So true. Love and Peace 🙂

  2. Started to grow my hair long 14 months ago, I don’t find it a very effective way to protest, although I am with you. I also belong to a loving, spiritual group of men, artist, and the like, who practice creativity, and freedom of expression.

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