The Amish Will Get The Last Laugh

The Amish Will Get The Last Laugh
Who Else would write this: Derek Wood

Somewhere in Ohio, Shuester is laughing his Amish ass off when word gets back to him about the power struggle and social feuds happening in this country. We used to laugh at the Amish a lot. We didn’t know too much about them with the exception of some lame 90’s comedy movies and a Weird Al song.
Now we might scratch our heads and ask ourselves, maybe they had it right all along?

We can all agree this country has allowed horse shit to hit the fan, right? We overspend, run our deficits at record levels, borrow from foreign countries, allow food to be mass-produced and sold unsafely to consumers, and engage in wars all over the globe. But not the Amish.

The Amish grow, domesticate, produce, and share their own food. Farming is key to the Amish. They may not look great but they are on average healthier than the everyday American. Studies have found the Amish don’t have as high of cancer rates, obesity rates and their children suffer less from autism.

They cut themselves off from the outside world. No television, no internet, no telephone, no cars. They exclude those technological entities altogether from their society. Not only do they exclude themselves from society but they lessen their problems.

Did you know the Amish don’t believe in litigation or police state? Doesn’t that sound perfect? I mean we all used to agree we need someone to enforce the laws but not force the laws down our throats and put above 20,000 drones and wiretap our conversations.

The Amish don’t treat each other like suspects if they have disagreements…well I take that back, they do have beard wars. But they don’t believe in war which is why they are legally allowed to evade one. They won’t sue the hell out of you and they won’t call the cops for a stupid dispute.

I must say I am a 21st century dude to an extent. I can appreciate the fine things the Amish do, like mind their own business, grow and fend for themselves, cheerish family values, work for a greater good and not impose their views to other communities.

Wouldn’t it be nice if Rick Santorum held that sort of religious sentiment?
Our Federal Government has diminished and nearly destroyed the American dream. We’ve become easily distracted by the simple things, war happy, and so unhealthy and uneducated that we are killing our chance to compete in the future. The Amish continue to maintain a simple life and when the Federal government completes their control over everyone who relied on them for every single thing, the Amish will have the last laugh. They will be standing pitchforks in hand while we scurry along for the next crumb drop of food to feed on.

  1. Not so in response to your stmt ‘the Amish will have the last laugh……etc” nobama is getting ready to tell us what we can and cannot plant and we will only be allowed to use seeds supplied by monsanto. Producing our own beef, pork, etc and milk – I believe will be outlawed. nobama will own us all and we will not longer have the luxury of living the Life of Amish or our own peaceful lives on the farm.

  2. The hardcore-Amish have not let themselves become dependent on modern electricity, internal combustion engines and other post 1890 conveniences. Granted there are farb-Amish, who do cross the timeline as their daily lifestyle. This is protection for their community insuring their survival in outrageous times as we now live with the age of technological dependency .
    Living in an Amish area, I can say they are great neighbors who mind their own business and help their friends and other neighbors. They do not take any government handouts and refuse to get into politics. We ourselves use horse-power for transportation and farm work. It is not as slow and inefficient as many people believe.
    They do not want our world as their world is based on a very good philosophy and a great sense of humor being able to laugh at themselves and with each other.
    They have retained the family values I remember as a kid back in the 1940s and 50’s when Mom and the family dinner table along with God and patriotism meant something foremost to most Americans.

  3. M.Joey Owen,
    ok, we get your drift. Do NOT vote for Nobama … unless you want to endure such horror as you stated here. It is nice & helpful to be precise, there is
    no need for fear mongering, it gets us nowhere.
    It is utmost important that everyone today will stand up daily for their rights & that of the so called constitution or common sense at least. We all need to
    develop a real backbone & clear communication to stop the little things that are creeping in on us with every action. We can no longer let them walk all
    over us with their intimidations & fictitious, fakey lies. Its time to challenge them & call their bluffs every step of the way.
    Most people don’t know too much about legalities, but they are getting wise to it.
    SO i do have a fine suggestion for anyone, who is caught in a legal situtation, like being stopped by a cop when traveling. Always, first of all, ask for the
    name & number of the cop out loud, b4 handing over your dr.-license. Then the next thing is, use the word GOD repeticiously, talk crazy like you are talking to God yourself out loud, scream o my god what is going on, where are you GOD, can you hear me, will you help me GOD, please help me GOD,
    i am getting abused GOD, i love you GOD, & keep rattling on like that, it will confuse those powermongers, they either get afraid that they are dealing with a nut, or they will remember their consciousness of being human.

  4. AMEN AMEN AMEN………….a friend and I were having this exact same conversation in my living room this morning and BINGO the amish! Where was my head? Duh

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