Okay, Fun Is Over, Now Drop Out!!!

Okay, Fun Is Over, Now Drop Out!!!
Scolding 101 By: D.S. Wood
“This just in: our adulation for Mitt Romney has never been so apparent and our constant subversion towards American Democracy has never been as swollen, that being said, we’ve enjoyed ourselves a great amount and we hope you had fun by allowing us to handpick, project a dubious delegate count and Justin Verlander it in your face with daily polls and daunting punditry. Come again in 2015-2016, I’m Corporate Dough, and this concludes our broadcast coverage.”
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The networks certainly have had their fun conjuring together their campaign coverage this year and now are starting to get bored with it by suggesting to the other candidates, “you should just drop out by now.” They brought you laughs, cries, debauchery, favorability polls, and interchangeable front-runners. Moreover, what they failed to bring you was any journalistic integrity.
When Mitt Romney was packing in a room of 300 senior citizens and ostensibly confused to how he is any different from Barack Obama, a certain someone who we won’t name, mention, or cover was speaking in front of six thousand plus supporters and is slated to speak in front of 10,000 eager devotees this week. Why would that be on any of Westinghouse’s broadcasts at 6pm?
What about Rupert Murdoch’s Fraud News Network and their coverage on Washington states caucus convention fraud? The videos went viral everywhere and certainly could have led off any broadcast for a week. Afterall, we care so much about Iran, Afghanistan and Russia’s elections and whether they are being executed fairly but when it occurs on American soil as New Yorker’s would say, Fogaddaboutit.
When Missouri’s Bryan Spencer, a former caucus subcommittee chairman, admitted on video rigging St. Charles county’ s caucus, Time Warner News could have pounced on it, but, they were too busy perpetuating racial tension down in Florida.
Of Course, who can forget Maine and Charlie Webster’s mishaps. Incorrect counting, reversing voting results, and flat-out just not counting Washington County. Disney News could have been heroes to our dying democracy brought to you by corrupt officials and Diebold machinery, but they had to cover a celebrity overdose instead. It was so urgent to report the troubling lifestyle of Whitney Houston, but who the hell cares about our troubling elections up there in Maine?
The list goes on and on and seems to repeat state by state and yet these
corporate networks fail the American people by offering no special reports about these incidents. Of course, if you think Ari Fleischer and Paul Begala give two craps about anything more than party gossip you are probably fooling yourself.
Westinghouse’s reporter, Bob Schieffer, had Ron Paul on his weekly show, and instead of asking journalistic questions, he offered a platitude of predictable questions. “Hey Ron, when are you dropping out?” “Congressman, will you seek a third-party bid?” “Ron Paul, will you support Mitt Romney?” These questions have been asked on such a occuring basis that Ron Paul should be an expert on how to answer it and should be more annoyed while answering.
Pundits everywhere squelch Paul’s campaign as damaging to the GOP. Personally and logically, do you think anyone who supports Paul cares about helping Mitt Romney and the status quo elites from the Republican party?
What’s more nauseating are the followers of these network illuminaries. As I was Reading up on a few Facebook posts to NBC, FOX, and CBS’s pages, GOP voters and status quo supporters, offer alacritous and trite advice; back Romney, stop destroying the Republican party, we can’t have Obama. These pious warts along with their autocratic saviors may have never entered in their heads, that certain supporters could care less about saving the party but would rather save their country. If you really want to throw one of these political neophytes off during a Facebook or any other social networking rant, just ask them to please explain the difference between Romney and Obama.
So the race is really from far over. If we can get the GOP establishment to stop arresting people during delegate conventions, if we can get GOP officials to do their jobs laudably, and just maybe if we can get the media to report the wrongdoings from the past and future, and stop purporting our elections, we may have a chance of having a democracy. Then, nobody should be told to drop out because these totalitarian Paul Revere’s should know better than to conclude a race when the front-runner is projected to be half way home to securing a nomination.
My advice : Mainstream media should drop out of the race and stop their coverage altogether. That’s the best idea of, from, or about network media that I’ve heard this week.
  1. The Statist will continue to win, as long as they can keep the people asleep.

  2. If the mainstream media lost a big chunk of their audience, perhaps they would eventually change their tactics. If not, they would simply wither and be replaced by, perhaps, a return to real journalism. Personally, I have already stopped wasting my time listening to the MSM. We don’t have to listen to them anymore. Heard something new about the Voyager probes? Who cares what MSNBC/CNN/FOX have to say about it? Read an article on a dedicated science website, and fact-check on NASA.gov. Turn off the TV, where you are a captive audience; and log onto the Internet where you can choose your own information sources.
    I’m not holding my breath, though. It seems a lot of people, perhaps a majority, prefer being lied to.

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