Nonsense From The Census Bureau

Nonsense From The Census Bureau

The ever angry: Derek Wood



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Well this time it gets more personal, literally. If you haven’t had the honor of being selected by our over intrusive Census Bureau, well wait till your time comes. My name is Derek Wood and that’s really all they need to know right? Think again, the Census Bureau has implemented a survey by the name of American Community Survey.

Rather than take a head count to find out how many people are living in your household every ten years, the Census Bureau has found a way to overstep personal privacy boundaries. Even though the head counting survey is Constitutional, many oppose the American Community Survey.

The several field workers I’ve had the “honor” of dealing with tell me it’s to help the Government get a feel of where they should put funding. It helps with roads, schools and other nonsense they fill your heads with.

Now, I made the grave mistake of answering the door the first time. But according to the Department of Commerce, the Census Bureau can actually impose fines of $100 and no more than $5000. They never have and probably never will because the fear of public outrage.

Ron Paul opposes what the ACS does because it wasn’t intended to over indulge and intrude people’s personal privacy. I haven’t had much choice but to deal with these people and even though I don’t fear an imposed fine from the Census Bureau, I can’t turn them down, legally.

Enter 7pm on a Tuesday… I hear a knock on my door as I am cooking dinner and getting ready to put my daughter to bed. When I answer, I’m thinking a neighbor. Wrong! “It’s Susan from Census,” she answers through the door. This had been the second time today she came by.

A little history about Susan, and the other survey workers. I’ve been avoiding them for the last two months. They knew I was home because my daughter would tell them to go away and my television could be heard. They come by three times or more per week. They come by on Sunday’s. They leave their cards in the door requesting me to call them. They are like an intransigent bedbug that never leaves your house. Sucking up all the information that you shouldn’t have to answer.

But, keep in mind I played ball with the adamant Census Bureau three or four times last summer. I answered plenty of their extraneous and unwanted questions. However, tonight took the cake because how many time does, 1: Come by your house in one day(and when should be a cut off time?) 2. How many occasions should you have to participate? 3. What should and shouldn’t be allowed for questioning?

We need this to go viral because not only is this an intrusion of privacy it is done with no respect to boundaries of your personal space. Congress needs to define the limits for the Census Bureau. I’m willing to work with them every ten years but that’s all.

Finally, the nature of these surveys are inappropriate. One example of a question I was asked tonight was… Do I have trouble bathing? Another, Do I prefer part-time or full-time employment? Wait, Are you blind? Are you overweight? Do you suffer from diabetes? How much do you make if anything at all?

These questions are troubling and more needs to be made out of this so we can do away with these intrusive surveys altogether. The problem with our Federal Government is, they want to know so much about us and we aren’t allowed to know enough about them. When they owe us tax refunds, their sites don’t properly inform or work. So when is enough going to be enough? We post this article, let it go viral and start calling for an end to the American Community Survey.

  1. Vomit Tidal Wave

    i told them my name and i have no dependents and slammed the door…. maybe you should just start asking them the same things right back… just keep getting more and more crazy with the questions…. how many fingers do you have on your left hand?…… do you apply deodorant more than twice a day? how many times a month do you eat out? how many hairs have you lost out of your right ear in the last 4months? how many times do you wipe your ass when you take a shit? how often do you have sex? does your partner enjoy it? do you find it odd when the dog watches?

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