Mainstream Media: The Culprit in Racial Divide

The angry keystrokes of: D.S.
The death of 17-year-old teenager Trayvon Martin was a tragic situation but what’s even more catastrophic is the media’s ad nauseam role in it. The sudden initiation of egalitarianism from the mainstream media? Not quite.
The media created out of thin air a Black vs White race issue. Then they brought up the 911 call that shooter, George Zimmerman, made. Did he use a racial slur the media anxiously and curiously asked while he was talking to the 911 operator?
Now, they are “raising awareness,” and “encouraging conversation,” about race? Or are they using this to sell a story, exploit a young man’s death, and incite guilt on a man who may only be guilty of being a vigilante?
I must say and I hope people are looking at this with a clear perspective and not with an emotional mind, that the latter is more likely.
Now the media has some issues on their hands. First, Zimmerman isn’t just a white male. He’s hispanic as well. You can throw the white vs black charge in the waste bucket. Second, his friends and family and may I remind you his friend, Joe Oliver, a black male, says that Zimmerman isn’t a racist. And that would kind of make sense if you have a friend that is black, right? Thirdly, some audio experts have said Zimmerman never used the word, “coon,” but rather the word “punk.” Are you still with me here? How the hell did they confuse those two words? This could easily be one of the biggest defamation cases brought on by the media’s aspersions early on in breaking this story. The traducement they’ve unleashed on Zimmerman should be a lawsuit, and If I was him I would seek legal help in this matter.
But where the media starts, only certain groups or individuals can amp it up more and create further ad nauseam. That’s right, now it’s a catch phrase to repeat the words of President Obama when he said, “If I had a son he would look like Trayvon Martin.” What feverish rhetoric from your mouth, Mr. President. Why would someone politicize a death like this? More importantly, what is he trying to say? Honestly, I have no idea.
I believe former NAACP leader, C.L Bryant, breaks this down best. Powerful men like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and our President, are exploiting the death of Martin. They aren’t looking at some of the Black communities larger concerns which is “Black vs Black,” crime. Bryant said in an interview with the conservative news blog, “Daily Caller,” that “the epidemic is black on black crime,” and he asked, ” why isn’t somebody angry about that six-year-old girl who was killed on her steps last weekend in a cross fire when two gang members in Chicago start shooting each other?” Doesn’t he make a point? Isn’t this false outrage? It certainly appears to be that way and all led on by media and political elites.
My hope is that this doesn’t create an influx of racial paranoia. Furthermore, the larger scale of concern is the tactics the media used to make a case that may be more about a guy who used improper judgement than a guy who was racially motivated to kill.
The one thing noticeable is the changing tone to this whole story ever since some facts have surfaced about this case. First, George Zimmerman, wasn’t out to shoot someone, it would appear. He was chosen as a neighborhood crime watch captain. He had a licensed gun. He called 911 and reported suspicious activity and movements by the victim. Zimmerman and a witness claim that it was in fact Zimmerman who was being attacked, and both Zimmerman and Martin were in a struggle on the ground.
In summary, would the outrage be as evident and felt if the media had brought up a few details about this case earlier on? Even if they didn’t have the facts did they really need to beat the drum of racial divide? Moreover, aren’t they creating a divide? It would appear so and I think that the networks and newspapers who have covered this owe Zimmerman an apology. However, the mainstream never seems to retract any of their stories so don’t count on it.
Wrapping this up, If I came to a conclusion about this all it would be this: Zimmerman should have stayed in his car, the media and these politicians needed a racial story, and both have behaved irresponsibly and should have to answer to an uproar themselves. Importantly in all of this, we the people and the victims of cronyism media, need to gather the facts and not be as susceptible to their reporting habits and deceptive tricks.
  1. “Importantly, in all of this, we the people and the victims of cronyism media, need to gather the facts and not be as susceptible to their reporting habits and deceptive tricks.”

    This was the most accurate statement, although I fear the writer largely allows himself to be pulled into this position considering his review of the so-called “facts” the mainstream media has provided us so far.

    Silverman was a self-appointed watchman, and most importantly, he did not stand down when told to by the 911 dispatcher. There are many more facets of this case we still do NOT know, so it’s a bit irresponsible of the writer to do the same thing the MSM does, which is take various speculations as fact.

    Furthermore, only if Zimmerman were black as well would it be appropriate to discuss black on black crime, but he is NOT, so why bring it up? Why? Because the MSM did it, and still does it, thus pulling the writer and many others from the main issue, which is why the cops acted the way they did that night. Trayvon Martin is not dead because of black on black crime!

    The writer, along with Geraldo, and just about everyone else who suddenly find it convenient to discuss black on black crime need to drop this tactic at all costs. This is NOT about black on black crime, it is a about the negligence of the Sanford Police!!!

    Additionally, there are many, many things to criticize Obama about….Guantanamo, the NDAA, the list goes on and on. Picking up the baton for Fox and slamming Obama over this statement is a waste of time and destroys the writers credibility. Looking at the photo, its obvious what he was saying. The writer has plenty to chew on regarding Obama administration policy that affects us all. Write about it!!!

    That said, other than the intermittent racial confusion presented here, (I bet the police are at least looking for those young fire starters), on which the writer needs to be a bit more responsible, I love blog and its intent. I ask the writer to please follow his own advice. Stick with the actual issues please.

  2. there always looking for a reason

  3. @john keith Do you think stories about racism are made up just to upset people? Just wondering. By the way, “they are” is a contraction which is spelled “they’re”.

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