It’s A Mainstream Thing

By D.S Wood
The 90’s gave birth to media consolidation and corporate mergers. Few owned it all and many networks, newspapers, radio stations, would either fold, merge, or sell.
Today, General Electric, Gannett, Disney, Cox, Rupert Murdoch and NewCorp, CBS, Viacom, and Time Warner, just to name a few, are the fat cats who provide your daily news. Their purpose isn’t to provide the everyday person with a fair portrayal of what is happening around the world, but they are in the business of making profits and protecting their assets.
The objective or goal has become quite luminous to me…
Yes, they are interested in providing stories on election fraud, just not our elections. When Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, and just recently Russia went to the voting booth, CNN, MSNBC, and FOX made sure the elections weren’t rigged and operated fairly. Even though it’s none of their business unless of course who runs these countries self-serve their futures interest.
However, if you go to online news sources like this website page or others like it you would become frequent to the videos going viral from Iowa, Georgia, the whole debacle in Maine, Nevada, and numerous cases of status quo party members breaking the rules during primaries or caucuses.
Sadly, it seems as if a huge rock or crater plagued the part of earth where the mainstream resides. These networks are either stuck under it, oblivious to voter fraud, or just simply don’t care. I think all three cases apply to these media conglomerates.
So, when fairness is an issue in other countries, report it. When a blatant case of voter fraud takes place in any of the aforementioned states…. report on gas prices, create a race divide from Florida, or etch a sketch of Mr. Potato Head when the real issues are kicked underneath the rug along with the facts about Iran and other countries who have been attacked.
When do Americans wake up and just say to themselves you aren’t getting my share of a rating so I can increase your market and profits? Newsblogs, journals, and sites like the one you are on now, often don’t have paid staff. They do it out of love, passion, or the fact that there is some truth out there and someone has to report it.
The Media is owned by the few and yet reported to the masses as if they care about us all or as if they are one of us. You would be hard pressed to find a segment on any  news show with any mainstream host that understands or tries to convey the truth about the delegate process during caucuses and primaries. Then you would be pressed further with any coverage of the recent videos online of caucus and primary frauds.
One must come to the conclusion that the media has picked their candidate and put a few up there on their screen for rhetoric purposes only.
Did CNN ask any tough questions about President Obama’s new executive order giving him the right to obtain through department heads water, food, or labor during war or even when we are at peace, which is rare since we have an interventionist war happening daily? Did they even bring it up? What about the new trespassing law that Obama signed that prohibits Americans the right to protest or demonstrate on or near government property?
Most likely not, because the media would rather create with the help of politicians and national figures a murder that may have or may have not been racially motivated. They would rather make a big whoop about etching and sketching. They would rather tell you about Kim Kardashian being floured bombed. They would prefer creating a “Syrian Danny,” and help stage a segment with bombs and gun fire. These stories are more worthy than your elections being rigged, and your rights being stripped. Afterall, it doesn’t serve their profitable interests to report blatant misconduct by government which is why it continues to be a mainstream thing.

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