Derek’s Woodstock (More than just a college party)

Image DetailDerek’s Woodstock (More than just a college party)

Words put on the screen: Derek Wood

Foreword: I couldn’t find anyone famous who would read this before I wrote it but I dedicate this to Adam Carolla. You want to know what Generation X or Y has/can do, here it is.


Back in 1969 there was a lot of tension between those who live under the house rules and those who made them. People felt socially oppressed and needed anything to say, “we live here too.” Woodstock, was an event held by organizers on a farm in New York. It held half a million people. The message for peace, love and understanding.

Enter 2012: Most of those running the totalitarian state today were from that era. I’m not talking about Woodstock 94, which had a lot of big business behind it, or the event in 1999, which was a sad case of human regression, but rather the year 1969. How could these elites forget the movement or were they just complacently idle during those times of social and economical inequality?
The amount of economic inequality has never been greater. We have the lucky one percent and the other 99 angry fire ants. Today, there is the Occupy movement, Tea Party movement, and the Libertarian movement.

The decline of the dollar, the underemployment and unemployment, the attack on the constitution with legislation enforcing the blows, corporate autocracy, a failing educational system, a failing health care system, debt through the trillions and out of control spending supported by corporate and media election rigging, the need for unification has never been better. This would not be a corporate sponsored event. We would have to keep big business out and discourage the idea of the event from being a 3 day frat party that it turned out to be in 1994 and 1999.

Political and musical activism is a powerful engine. It can spark and create awareness where cognition is needed. When a Democracy has little to no effect anymore and constituency has become unrepresented, the only action to be taken is of peaceful demonstration.

Alexander Higgins’ website released a report yesterday about the House of Representatives (clearly they aren’t representing us) passing a law that would prohibit acts of protest on government property, near candidates or elected officials (President, Vice President, etc) that require Secret Service. The NDAA was passed months ago and that too is discouraging the act of protest and a voice for democracy. If it wasn’t clear before that we are being taken, it should be now.

If we are to show some of those who think our generations (old and new) are a bunch of do-nothings, then we must unify through social networking, music, entertainment, functions or meetings, and express the dire need to take our country back to free speech, and the right to demonstrate. We need a big event like Woodstock, something so big that even the mainstream (reports to the majority but works for the few) elites can’t ignore. Something that will grab the attention of lawmakers, shake them by their crony paid for suits, and open their swindler eyes to the billboard of our constitution. No, Rick Santorum and his pious vision wouldn’t support such an event, and Mitt Romney’s corporate autocratic past would never endorse such a message; but there is one candidate I know who would love to see a large group of people banding together for the cure and cause of our constitution (the framework of our society)… and he is the one who is being shuttered out like a bad storm by the media, he is Ron Paul.

Ron Paul and the Revolution movement has only grown and so hasn’t the knowledge that goes with it. The subsidiaries of this revolution are; pro information, pro constitution, self-reliance, fiscal responsiblity, non interventionism, networking, and the best of all… PRO DEMOCRACY. If the media will do whatever it takes to ignore Ron Paul, then the people who support him or his ideas or something close to it need to put the load on their shoulders and start thinking what effective ways can allow us to be heard?

Adam Kokesh had it right with his Veterans March for Ron Paul, but if you followed that event, you saw there was no mainstream media coverage. This isn’t for Ron Paul, this is for our country. If we all get together in large numbers (the levels of half a million or greater), there’s no way they’d go sidelines with coverage. Let’s Woodstock our cause and show the “few,” that we live here too.


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