Mainstream Media: The Culprit in Racial Divide

The death of 17-year-old teenager Trayvon Martin was a tragic situation but what’s even more catastrophic is the media’s ad nauseam role in it. The sudden initiation of egalitarianism from the mainstream media? Not quite.The media created out of thin air a Black vs White race issue. Then they brought up the 911 call that shooter, George Zimmerman, made. Did he use a racial slur the media anxiously and curiously asked while he was talking to the 911 operator?Now, they are “raising awareness,” and “encouraging conversation,” about race? Or are they using this to sell a story, exploit a young man’s death, and incite guilt on a man who may only be guilty of being a vigilante?I must say and I hope people are looking at this with a clear perspective and not with an emotional mind, that the latter is more likely.  (Full story)

via Mainstream Media: The Culprit in Racial Divide.


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