The Amish Will Get The Last Laugh

The Amish Will Get The Last Laugh
Who Else would write this: Derek Wood

Somewhere in Ohio, Shuester is laughing his Amish ass off when word gets back to him about the power struggle and social feuds happening in this country. We used to laugh at the Amish a lot. We didn’t know too much about them with the exception of some lame 90′s comedy movies and a Weird Al song.
Now we might scratch our heads and ask ourselves, maybe they had it right all along?

We can all agree this country has allowed horse shit to hit the fan, right? We overspend, run our deficits at record levels, borrow from foreign countries, allow food to be mass-produced and sold unsafely to consumers, and engage in wars all over the globe. But not the Amish.  (Continue reading)

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