Just Another Media Fallacy: What Alliance?

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Just Another Media Fallacy: What Alliance?
By: Derek Wood

Last week, Yahoo, Fox, MSNBC, and CNN couldn’t help but create a tall tale. This tale was interesting and perhaps to the right person could be sold. The tale involved…Mitt Romney and Ron Paul. Has Paul and Romney formed a “behind closed doors,” alliance?

The major news networks do what they can to ailenate Ron Paul and to ignore him consistently. It should be no surprise that they’d add fuel to the fire by posting stories of Paul working with Romney to give the former Governor the nomination. Without accepting logic to the argument they went ahead and posted these stories.

Take a look at Maine. Would someone who had an alliance accuse the Romney camp of playing dirty and possibly stealing the state from them? Well, they really didn’t think about that probably because they were too busy ignoring the debacle that took place in Maine.

Ron Paul has gone on record numerous times and even with the mainstream to state that he wouldn’t vote for Mitt Romney just because he is the nominee. As a matter of fact those statements sparked flames in the ass of some Republican pundits on television. Some even say he should be excluded from the debates because he won’t come out and give an open endorsement. In case these political pundits suffer from amnesia, Ron Paul is still running and very much in the race when you consider that he’s second place in delegates, according to CNN.

Ron Paul ran ads in Iowa and New Hampshire attacking both Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich. At that time Newt Gingrich was a serious threat created by the media, of course. Anyhow, Paul reminded the viewer that Washington can’t afford another flip flop artist into the White House. Flip Flop Romney has flipped and flopped many times on the campaign trail. Did they forget those ads?

Did they forget Ron Paul and Mitt Romney have barely anything in common? When it comes to foreign policy, forget it. When it comes to spending and cutting the deficit, forget it. When it comes to the Fed, forget it. These are just a few obvious examples. Paul has said in his interviews it would take a lot of coming to his side of the issues for the Congressman to be convinced and get his vote.

You see the only alliance happening is the media and their status quo choices. Jon Stewart made a mockery of the media and exposed how partial they are when it comes to Ron Paul. If the media wants to speak such madness when it involves alliances, they should get the facts straight about how they’ve playing the voters from day one. The only time a spotlight shines on Paul from the media, is when they run garbage stories like these.


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