Thoughts About Tonight From The Centrist Point

Thoughts about tonight from The Centrist Point
By Derek Wood

We held another installment of Live Interaction. Tonight, our focus was the GOP debate held in Arizona and hosted by CNN. First thought: Ron Paul was his strongest he’s ever been tonight. It almost seemed like he challenged the audience at the debate over their stance on foreign policy. Citing he may not win a few categorical battles but the one should win…economical.
Tonight CNN gave the torch to Rick Santorum.  Let’s be frank, he was booed a few times and even invited a little sarcasm from Ron Paul when he cited Santorum as a fake,”congrats.”  The torch allowed Santorum to bicker with the perceived mainstream front runner-Mitt Romney.  They both went back and forth and attacked each others record.  Newt Gingrich must have felt left out because this typically belonged to him when it comes to feuding.
I felt Ron Paul was very strong tonight conveying his stance on foreign affairs, social issues and how they pertain to the federal government and immigration.  Nobody knows how the primary will play out but Ron Paul should have leaped a few points with his performance tonight as he sounded less like the usual overbearing conservative and more like an open armed and embracive  candidate.

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  1. YES Dr. RON PAUL 2012! They even admitted the good Doctor was SECOND in actual delegate count! I hope everyone stayed tuned for the after show interviews. Since Rick interview was so long I thought they were going to try to snub OUR NEXT PRESIDENT AGAIN. Glad they did not they viewer can make their own conclusions. Do you want one of those other three sending your children to be killed somewhere or do you want to try PEACE?

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