Ron Paul Wins CNN Arizona Republican Debate

Ron Paul Wins CNN Arizona Republican Debate


In the final Republican debate before Super Tuesday, and perhaps the last of the race, Texas Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas) made quick work of his opponents.

Though not known for his stellar oratory abilities or powerful stage presence, the libertarian gadfly stood out among the remaining candidates during Wednesday night’s contest for the same reason he has been able to stay in the race thus far: his consistent and convincing defense of free markets and small government.

Paul opened his time by defending his criticism of Santorum as fake fiscal conservative. In response to CNN moderator John King’s question, “Why did you call Senator Santorum a fake fiscal conservative?” Paul quipped, “Because he’s a fake!” After the massive applause died down, Paul pointed out that most politicians are fiscal hawks during their campaigns, but they tend to be far less principled once elected. Santorum, who admitted he wouldn’t cut defense spending, and supported dozens of federal spending increases while in Congress, perfectly fits this description.  (Continue story)


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