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Obama is out-Bushing Bush, and no one minds

It has emerged that the White House has funded the New York Police Department’s surveillance of entire Muslim neighbourhoods with money earmarked for fighting drug crime. The revelations were detailed in reports by the Associated Press this week. In response, senior law enforcement officials and politicians have been either unapologetic or silent. Most tellingly, the Obama administration, which has championed Muslim outreach and has said law enforcement should not put entire communities under suspicion, said on Monday that it has no opinion on the matter.

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Can you debunk this? Some people with statistical backgrounds think they have uncovered UNDENIABLE evidence of voter fraud.

Everyone please remember that I am just sharing this, I DID NOT WRITE IT, I just found it interesting and compelling. If you would like to discuss it with its author he is on the forums linked at the bottom.

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House Passes “Trespass Bill” That Makes Protests Illegal

New “trespass bill” makes it a federal offense to protest government business or functions, or against people or places under Secret Service protection.  (Continue reading)

Voting for Ron Paul is Not a Wasted Vote

Let your heart not be troubled seeing the Republican Party steal votes away from Ron Paul. The party is being discredited more and more as they keep propping up Romney as their man who is no different then Obama. It is not time to jump on the bandwagon of a candidate who looks like a winner because this is the man the establishment wants you to support. This cannot go on forever. What goes around comes around. People involved in election fraud will have to be accountable to the people and get the justice they deserve.  (Continue reading)

81% of Israelis Oppose Unilateral Strike on Iran

Only 19% of Israelis Support a Unilateral Strike on Iran

Despite all of the warmongering hysteria, the overwhelming majority of all Israelis oppose a unilateral strike on Iran.  (Continue reading)

Anonymous Takes Down Interpol For Arresting 25 Anons

Anonymous takes down INTERPOL

The hacker group Anonymous takes Interpol offline in retaliation for an international sting operations in 4 countries on both sides of the Atlantic which arrested 25 members

Earlier the hacker group Anonymous teamed up with WikiLeaks to dump millions of emails from the private intelligence company stratfor, which is also known as the shadow CIA.  (Continue reading)

20 Economic Statistics To Use To Wake Sheeple Up From Their Entertainment-Induced Comas

20 Economic Statistics To Use To Wake Sheeple Up From Their Entertainment-Induced Comas

The Dow has closed above 13,000 for the first time since 2008, and the mainstream media is declaring that a strong economic recovery is underway. Barack Obama is telling anyone who will listen that his economic policies are a huge success, and U.S. consumers are piling up astounding amounts of new debt. Unfortunately, this euphoria about the economy will be short-lived. None of the long-term problems that are destroying the U.S. economy have been solved. In fact, there are dozens of statistics that can be quoted that prove that the U.S. economy is in far worse shape than it was when the recession supposedly ended. If dramatic changes are not made very rapidly, our nation is going to smash directly into an economic brick wall.  (Continue story)

The Startling Disconnect of Humanity: How Corruption and Injustice Roam Free

The Startling Disconnect of Humanity: How Corruption and Injustice Roam Free

An attitude of self preservation pervades modern society today, disconnecting the overall power of the human spirit.

Often people are taught through various media outlets that life is to be lived with a ‘dog-eat-dog world’ philosophy. Struggling to survive in current times has given rise to a more apathetic and sometimes ruthless humanity.  (Continue reading)

Arctic doomsday vault grows a few seeds bigger

Arctic doomsday vault grows a few seeds bigger

Chick peas, fava beans and other seeds from a facility in Syria are among the 25,000 new samples being deposited this week in an Arctic seed vault built to protect food crops from wars and natural disasters, officials said Tuesday.The latest additions mean that the Svalbard Global Seed Vault — a master backup to the world’s other seed banks — has now secured more than 740,000 samples since it opened in a remote Norwegian archipelago in 2008.

That represents an estimated three-quarters of the biological diversity of the world’s major food crops, said Cary Fowler, executive director of the Global Crop Diversity Trust, which maintains the vault with Norway’s government and the Nordic Genetic Resources Center.  (Continue reading)

How Companies Avoid Hiring Americans

Tech Firms Have Digitally Re-Mastered Employment Discrimination

Our nation’s promise—that we would make a better life by working hard and playing by the rules—has been broken.

Are you surprised to learn that companies are systematically practicing employment discrimination? Shocked that they brazenly disqualify U.S. workers openly in their job postings?!

So were we.   (Continue reading)

Will bankers turn against bankers?

Will bankers turn against bankers?

Today brings the news, distressing to some quarters, that HSBC is paying its chief executive Stuart Gulliver £7.2 million — making him the highest-paid banker in the UK for the financial year so far. The remuneration comes on the back of a 28 per cent jump in full-year profits, which means HSBC has bucked the dismal trend of other British banks.

Still, as you might expect, it’s the buoyant figures denoting Gulliver’s pay — and those of the top 170 members of staff — that are making the headlines, withcalls for HSBC to explain itself. This is part of the regular drumbeat against financial ‘fat cats’ that’s been going on for months, so in that sense it’s nothing new. But as this continues one wonders if a new development will emerge: will bankers get disgruntled with fellow bankers?  (Continue reading)

Israel troops ‘raid West Bank TV stations’

Israel troops ‘raid West Bank TV stations’

Israeli troops raided two Palestinian television stations in the West Bank city of Ramallah overnight, seizing computers and broadcasting equipment, employees told AFP on Wednesday.

The Israeli military confirmed the raids, saying the stations targeted had been broadcasting illegally, a charge rejected by the Palestinian telecommunications minister.

The two stations affected were Watan Television, a local private station, and Quds Educational Television, affiliated with the Palestinian Al-Quds University.  (Continue reading)

GE Paid Just 2.3 Percent in Federal Taxes Over Last 10 Years on More Than $81 Billion in Profits

GE Paid Just 2.3 Percent in Federal Taxes Over Last 10 Years on More Than $81 Billion in Profits

Thanks to tax loopholes and deductions, General Electric (GE) was able to pay a mere 2.3 percent in federal taxes on over $81 billion in profits over the last 10 years, according to analysis of the corporation’s tax filings conducted by Citizens for Tax Justice.

The Citizens for Tax Justice, a non-partisan watchdog group, said that GE’s latest filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) reveal that they were far under the supposed 35 percent corporate tax rate.  (Continue reading)

U.S. Tells South America to Shut Up About Legalizing Drugs

U.S. Tells South America to Shut Up About Legalizing Drugs

Wiki image

Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano has a message for everyone who thinks the drug war is bad: you’re wrong, it’s awesome.

Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano defended Washington’s drug war strategy on Monday despite calls by some Latin American leaders to consider decriminalizing narcotics.

“I would not agree with the premise that the drug war is a failure,” Napolitano said. “It is a continuing effort to keep our peoples from becoming addicted to dangerous drugs.”  (Continue reading)

Guantanamo Bay gets a new $750,000 soccer field thanks to U.S. taxpayers

Guantanamo Bay gets a new $750,000 soccer field thanks to U.S. taxpayers

While our nation is saddled with record deficits and debt,countless Americans are homeless or unable to find work, and analysts are predicting economic catastrophe, the prisoners at Camp 6 in Guantanamo Bay are getting a brand new $750,000 soccer field.

Newt Gingrich FBI investigation documents

Newt Gingrich FBI investigation documents

In the 1990s, the FBI considered a sting operation against then-House Speaker Newt Gingrich after sifting through allegations from a notorious arms dealer that a $10 million bribe might get Congress to lift the Iraqi arms embargo.  (Read documents)

Mitt Romney ‘Remembers’ A Michigan Event That Took Place 9 Months Before He Was Born

Mitt Romney ‘Remembers’ A Michigan Event That Took Place 9 Months Before He Was Born

For several weeks now, the Mitt Romney campaign has crisscrossed Michigan in an attempt to salvage a badly-needed win in the state where Romney was born and his father served as governor. And in an attempt to overcome several embarrassing unforced errors in the last few days, Romney tried to connect with Michiganders at a tea party rally in Milford on Thursday by “remembering” an event from his childhood that took place nine months before he was born. (Continue story)

NDAA Nullification Passes Virginia Senate by a Veto-Proof 39-1 Vote

NDAA Nullification Passes Virginia Senate by a Veto-Proof 39-1 Vote

Today, the Virginia Senate took a firm stand in support of liberty, the Constitution for the United States, and the Constitution of Virginia by voting in favor of House Bill 1160 (HB1160), the “NDAA Nullification Act.”

The final vote was 39-1.  (Continue reading)

Nonsense From The Census Bureau

Nonsense From The Census Bureau

The ever angry: Derek Wood



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Well this time it gets more personal, literally. If you haven’t had the honor of being selected by our over intrusive Census Bureau, well wait till your time comes. My name is Derek Wood and that’s really all they need to know right? Think again, the Census Bureau has implemented a survey by the name of American Community Survey.

Rather than take a head count to find out how many people are living in your household every ten years, the Census Bureau has found a way to overstep personal privacy boundaries. Even though the head counting survey is Constitutional, many oppose the American Community Survey.

The several field workers I’ve had the “honor” of dealing with tell me it’s to help the Government get a feel of where they should put funding. It helps with roads, schools and other nonsense they fill your heads with.

Now, I made the grave mistake of answering the door the first time. But according to the Department of Commerce, the Census Bureau can actually impose fines of $100 and no more than $5000. They never have and probably never will because the fear of public outrage.

Ron Paul opposes what the ACS does because it wasn’t intended to over indulge and intrude people’s personal privacy. I haven’t had much choice but to deal with these people and even though I don’t fear an imposed fine from the Census Bureau, I can’t turn them down, legally.

Enter 7pm on a Tuesday… I hear a knock on my door as I am cooking dinner and getting ready to put my daughter to bed. When I answer, I’m thinking a neighbor. Wrong! “It’s Susan from Census,” she answers through the door. This had been the second time today she came by.

A little history about Susan, and the other survey workers. I’ve been avoiding them for the last two months. They knew I was home because my daughter would tell them to go away and my television could be heard. They come by three times or more per week. They come by on Sunday’s. They leave their cards in the door requesting me to call them. They are like an intransigent bedbug that never leaves your house. Sucking up all the information that you shouldn’t have to answer.

But, keep in mind I played ball with the adamant Census Bureau three or four times last summer. I answered plenty of their extraneous and unwanted questions. However, tonight took the cake because how many time does, 1: Come by your house in one day(and when should be a cut off time?) 2. How many occasions should you have to participate? 3. What should and shouldn’t be allowed for questioning?

We need this to go viral because not only is this an intrusion of privacy it is done with no respect to boundaries of your personal space. Congress needs to define the limits for the Census Bureau. I’m willing to work with them every ten years but that’s all.

Finally, the nature of these surveys are inappropriate. One example of a question I was asked tonight was… Do I have trouble bathing? Another, Do I prefer part-time or full-time employment? Wait, Are you blind? Are you overweight? Do you suffer from diabetes? How much do you make if anything at all?

These questions are troubling and more needs to be made out of this so we can do away with these intrusive surveys altogether. The problem with our Federal Government is, they want to know so much about us and we aren’t allowed to know enough about them. When they owe us tax refunds, their sites don’t properly inform or work. So when is enough going to be enough? We post this article, let it go viral and start calling for an end to the American Community Survey.

The Amish Will Get The Last Laugh

The Amish Will Get The Last Laugh
Who Else would write this: Derek Wood

Somewhere in Ohio, Shuester is laughing his Amish ass off when word gets back to him about the power struggle and social feuds happening in this country. We used to laugh at the Amish a lot. We didn’t know too much about them with the exception of some lame 90′s comedy movies and a Weird Al song.
Now we might scratch our heads and ask ourselves, maybe they had it right all along?

We can all agree this country has allowed horse shit to hit the fan, right? We overspend, run our deficits at record levels, borrow from foreign countries, allow food to be mass-produced and sold unsafely to consumers, and engage in wars all over the globe. But not the Amish.  (Continue reading)

You Think Iran Is Blood Thirsty?

You Think Iran Is Blood Thirsty?
Yours truly and only: Derek Wood

Warning: I’m not a professional writer and I don’t get paid to observe and report but if I did, I should be rich.

I subscribed to a few of those Fox Facebook pages a few weeks back. This was mainly to promote The Centrist Point. Upon liking these terrible on-air personalities, I had to endure the test of toleration. Tolerating misinformed and completely bias forms of media is hard for myself to do. The people who follow these complete bias and misinformed formats are even harder to tolerate. When you scroll these pages and they post a story about Iran, the common things being said are, “thanks for raising this issue on Iran, we need to do something quick because these people are blood thirsty.”  (Continue reading)

Exile Russian oligarch Berezovsky: Putin will end up like Ghadafi

Exile Russian oligarch Berezovsky: Putin will end up like Ghadafi

Berezovsky, once a ally of Vladimir Putin, speaks to Haaretz about his resentment of the Russian regime, the prospect of change and the relations between Israel and Russia.  (Continue story)

China calls US critique on Syria “super arrogant”

China calls US critique on Syria “super arrogant”

China has hit out at comments by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on its stance on Syria.

A foreign ministry spokesman called the comments unacceptable, and the official Communist Party newspaper described the criticism as “super arrogant”.

Mrs Clinton on Friday called China and Russia’s veto of a UN resolution on Syria “despicable”.

The Chinese criticism came a day after Syria held a national referendum on a new constitution, amid violent unrest.

The referendum calls for a multi-party parliamentary election within three months. The opposition has dismissed Sunday’s vote as a farce, as at least 30 more deaths were reported around the country.  (Continue story)

Just Another Media Fallacy: What Alliance?

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Just Another Media Fallacy: What Alliance?
By: Derek Wood

Last week, Yahoo, Fox, MSNBC, and CNN couldn’t help but create a tall tale. This tale was interesting and perhaps to the right person could be sold. The tale involved…Mitt Romney and Ron Paul. Has Paul and Romney formed a “behind closed doors,” alliance?

The major news networks do what they can to ailenate Ron Paul and to ignore him consistently. It should be no surprise that they’d add fuel to the fire by posting stories of Paul working with Romney to give the former Governor the nomination. Without accepting logic to the argument they went ahead and posted these stories.

Take a look at Maine. Would someone who had an alliance accuse the Romney camp of playing dirty and possibly stealing the state from them? Well, they really didn’t think about that probably because they were too busy ignoring the debacle that took place in Maine.

Ron Paul has gone on record numerous times and even with the mainstream to state that he wouldn’t vote for Mitt Romney just because he is the nominee. As a matter of fact those statements sparked flames in the ass of some Republican pundits on television. Some even say he should be excluded from the debates because he won’t come out and give an open endorsement. In case these political pundits suffer from amnesia, Ron Paul is still running and very much in the race when you consider that he’s second place in delegates, according to CNN.

Ron Paul ran ads in Iowa and New Hampshire attacking both Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich. At that time Newt Gingrich was a serious threat created by the media, of course. Anyhow, Paul reminded the viewer that Washington can’t afford another flip flop artist into the White House. Flip Flop Romney has flipped and flopped many times on the campaign trail. Did they forget those ads?

Did they forget Ron Paul and Mitt Romney have barely anything in common? When it comes to foreign policy, forget it. When it comes to spending and cutting the deficit, forget it. When it comes to the Fed, forget it. These are just a few obvious examples. Paul has said in his interviews it would take a lot of coming to his side of the issues for the Congressman to be convinced and get his vote.

You see the only alliance happening is the media and their status quo choices. Jon Stewart made a mockery of the media and exposed how partial they are when it comes to Ron Paul. If the media wants to speak such madness when it involves alliances, they should get the facts straight about how they’ve playing the voters from day one. The only time a spotlight shines on Paul from the media, is when they run garbage stories like these.

14 Year Old Vaccinated By School Against Mother’s Orders And Without Her Consent

14 Year Old Vaccinated By School Against Mother’s Orders And Without Her Consent

Sighle Kinney is fuming after her 14-year-old daughter was given four shots by the school nurse at Marcus Garvey Academy without her permission.

The daughter says she was called out of class by the school nurse back on January 30th and sent to the school’s clinic, which is operated by St. John’s medical.

While there she was given four vaccinations, including the one for HPV. It was the shot for HPV really touched a nerve.

Sighle was furious. She says she never gave consent for the shots to the school or St. John’s – Sighle says she even signed a document indicating never to administer medical treatment to her daughter.  (Continue story)

The Great Debate: How Ron Paul’s Presidency Will Reshape America

The Great Debate: How Ron Paul’s Presidency Will Reshape America

America is a place where neighbors rarely speak openly about politics, and when they do, it is usually only to repeat media sound bites. An Obama / Paul race will change that. Two differing ideologies will Clash. One for greater individual freedom. The other for more government. This competition of ideas will not occur with other Republican candidates, since they are ideologically aligned with President Obama when it comes to the power of the individual over the power of the state. Inevitably, debates will take place between the two candidates. Discussions in the new media will take place on the candidates. And most importantly, neighbors will discuss these two ideologies with each other. Because the differences between them are so significant these two candidates will compel us to move beyond the media sound bites and really examine our beliefs about the idea of America and the direction we should take as a nation. We can make that debate happen.  (Continue story)

Price of Oil Hits Record High in Euros and British Pounds; Oil Shock Coming; Nancy Pelosi Blames Speculators; What About Iran? Israeli Intelligence Concludes “No Iranian Nuclear Weapons Program”

Price of Oil Hits Record High in Euros and British Pounds; Oil Shock Coming; Nancy Pelosi Blames Speculators; What About Iran? Israeli Intelligence Concludes “No Iranian Nuclear Weapons Program”

Bernanke is hell bent on producing price inflation. He has succeeded, just not where he wants most. What Bernanke desperately wants is for housing prices to rise because that more than anything will help the banks and all the foreclosed properties they are sitting on.

The Bernanke Fed has certainly assisted the stock market, as intended, but that is not doing the average Joe much good in the face of soaring oil prices, soaring food prices, falling home prices, and zero% interest on savings.  (Continue story)

Wyoming Doomsday Bill Advances In State House

Wyoming Doomsday Bill Advances In State House

Wyoming lawmakers pushed forward legislation to explore how the state would respond if the country fell into economic and political turmoil.

The so-called doomsday bill, passed in the Wyoming House on Friday, would create a special task force to study ways the state would handle such crises as a food shortage to a government shutdown. Some provisions that will be explored include Wyoming forming its own army and issuing its own currency.

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‘US to announce aerial blockade on Syria’

‘US to announce aerial blockade on Syria’

US readies for possibility of intervention without UN resolution, Asharq Al-Awsat reports, citing US military official; plan to include humanitarian aid to Syrian refugees on Turkey’s border. 

 (Continue story)

The Media And GOP Are Suppressing The Reality That Ron Paul Has Reached Critical Mass

The Media And GOP Are Suppressing The Reality That Ron Paul Has Reached Critical Mass

What lies ahead for America, the West, and humanity in the immediate future is pain, disease, suffering, and destruction. A looming hyper-inflationary financial crisis, a world war, a global economic collapse, and a transnational fascist police state are threatening to destroy the social and political fabric of Western civilization.

This is the greatest political crisis that the West has ever faced. Government leaders are walking on pins and needles, hoping to avoid a transnational political revolution against the international banks that defrauded American taxpayers and the taxpayers of other nations.  (Continue story)